Garthim chose to share a module of Ken Isaacs' 1970s "living structures" for this year's Baitball Project Fair hosted at Palazzo San Giuseppe, Bari, Italy. We've been using an adaptation of the living structure to hang artworks in our off-site exhibitions. So, when tasked to set an installation indoors we built a quarter scale version as a sculptural object/diagram.

As we have taken from Ken Isaacs, we hope that others might be inspired to take his idea and make it into something new. We hope to serve some digestive function in the Baitball feast, our idea being metabolized by the viewer and transformed into a second or third novel thing as Isaacs intended when he published How to Build Your Own Living Structures.

How to Build Your Own Living Structures by Ken Isaacs is available in PDF at the link below:

Photography courtesy of Baitball