Garthim is thrilled to present Dewdrop Toadstool Hopscotch, the first solo exhibition from Isabelle Adams at Matthiessen State Park in central Illinois, USA. The park is centered on a stream that has eaten partway through layers of rock leaving a cavernous ravine made of amorphous stone formations. Minerals in the local groundwater create glistening plays of color. We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Swinging my limbs from two and froth
Dripping, them, in the blistering broth
Careful not wake the slumbering fly
Which hovers patiently shore-wise
Wait, just wait, until they see
What precious gifts I leave with thee
Not mouse
Nor mudpie
Nor groveling snots
Can match my game of Dewdrop Hopscotch

Photography by Justin Ortiz