Garthim is thrilled to present its first installment of Kaleidoscope with Gilgal, Thomas Child Jr.'s backyard sculpture garden in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Child worked obsessively on Gilgal until his death in 1963, accepting few visitors during the period of its making. He went to great lengths to realize the works within. Silica quartzite boulders were transplanted from the Utah desert into the garden and heat-sculpted with oxyacetylene torches. Among his sculptures is a sphinx with the face of Joseph Smith. The monumental, devotional golems stand as cryptic meditations on his purpose as an object maker through the lens of his Mormonism. History hasn't yet found a place for Child, whose religious art is private and obscure. We hope you enjoy a look into Gilgal.

You don't have to agree with me,
You may think I am a nut,
but I hope I have aroused your thinking and curiosity.

Photography by Justin Ortiz

Thanks to Ben Sang